88 (5) pp 259

Digital dermatitis in cattle: - Part 2: treatment, prevention and link with other treponemal diseases

Digital dermatitis is the most common cause of lameness worldwide in dairy cattle. In thisfinal part of a twin paper, treatment options and strategies to prevent digital dermatitis are reviewed.There is a wide range of different treatments available but none of them can completelycure the animal. Footbaths and applying high standards for hygiene are ways to keep this diseaseunder control.Moreover, the link to other (human and non-human) treponemal diseases will be discussed.In humans, treponemes are involved in periodontal disease, syphilis and many other illnesses.The dermatological manifestation of some of these human diseases such as yaws have a similarappearance like acute digital dermatitis. Digital dermatitis-like lesions have been described ingoats, sheep and elks. The typically isolated Treponema spp. can also be found in equine proliferativepododermatitis affected feet. Besides in digital dermatitis, these bacteria can be found inbovine ulcerative mammary dermatitis and badly healing lesions in cattle.

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