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Diagnosis and treatment of lumbosacral vertebral instability caused by discospondylitis in a dog

A ten-month-old, female canine crossbreed of 40 kg was referred for episodes of severepain non-responsive to analgesics. Neurological examination revealed pain on palpation of thelumbosacral region and non-weight bearing pelvic limb lameness, which was attributed to pain.Discospondylitis at L7-S1 was diagnosed based on radiographs and magnetic resonance imaging.Blood and urine culture were positive for Staphylococcus spp.. Despite ten days of conservativetreatment, the dog did not show any improvement. Dynamic radiographs revealed a vertebralsubluxation of L7-S1 in flexion. Surgery consisting of a dorsal laminectomy and stabilizationof L7-S1 was performed. This resulted in a fast and complete recovery. Follow-up radiographsat six and twelve months after diagnosis showed severe osteolytic changes affecting L7. Despitethese findings, the dog remained clinically normal.

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