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The use of therapeutic soft contact bandage lenses in the dog and the cat: a review of 41 cases

The objective of this case series was to illustrate in which cases soft contact bandage lenses canbe used in the dog and the cat and how beneficial they are, supported by the literature. The benefitof the lenses was determined by how long the lenses stayed in place and if they contributed tothe comfort of the patient. The average time the contact lenses stayed in place in both the dog andthe cat was 9.8 days. Premature lens loss was seen in a limited number of cases (7% of the cases).Soft contact bandage lenses provided comfort and protection either in the initial healing phase,until the ulcer had healed (in cases of superficial corneal ulceration or cases of corneal ulcerationwith a limited stromal defect) or until surgery was performed (nasal trichiasis, entropion). Incases of corneal dystrophy, increased comfort for the patient was reported.

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