83 (3) 113-118

Risk factors for auricular hematomas in piglets
J. Van den hof, J. Beek, K. Chiers, D. Maes

In this study, the incidence of auricular hematomas in weaned piglets was examined, and it wasinvestigated whether the incidence was linked with certain risk factors. In total, five successive batchesof weaned pigs (n=10,657) were investigated from weaning (three weeks of age) until the end of thenursery period (ten weeks of age). The mean incidence was 2.3%, ranging from 1.3% to 2.9% for thedifferent weaned batches. The incidence in barrows was 2.1% and in female piglets 2.5% (P > 0.05).The incidence in piglets from primiparous sows was 0.92% and in piglets of multiparous sows 2.45%(P < 0.001). The highest incidence was observed four to five weeks after weaning. There was a twotimes-higher risk to develop an auricular hematoma at the ear with the ear tag (RR=2.28 [1.74 – 2.98]).Further research, preferably in more herds, is warranted to confirm and/or explain the present resultsand to further optimize control measures. 

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