83 (3) 107-112

Nervous system lymphoma with sciatic nerve involvement in two cats diagnosed using computed tomography and ultrasound guided fine needle aspiration
G. Gory, J. Couturier, E. Cauvin, C. Fournel – Fleury, L. Couturier, D.N. Rault

Two cats were presented with a recent history of difficulty in walking and jumping. Neurologicalexamination was consistent with a lumbosacral or a sciatic nerve lesion in both cases withan additional C6-T2 spinal cord segment lesion in case 2. Differential diagnosis included neoplastic,inflammatory/infectious (neuritis, meningomyelitis, discospondylitis) and compressivedisc disease. Computed tomography (CT) revealed an enlarged, contrast enhancing sciatic nervefrom the L7-S1 intervertebral foramen, to the distal third portion of the femoral shaft. In case 2,CT also revealed an enlarged femoral nerve and an extradural mass causing mild compressionof the spinal cord at T1-2 and T3-4. Ultrasonography allowed to perform fine needle aspirationof the affected sciatic nerve. Cytology was highly suggestive of indolent, small cell lymphoma incase 1, and confirmed a high-grade lymphoma in case 2, both belonging to the large granularlymphoma subtype.

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