82 (6) pp 350-355

The use of an islandized angularis oris axial pattern buccal flap for the reconstruction of a recurrent cleft palate in a cat
J. Defoor, T. Bosmans, M. Doom, I. Schwarzkopf, H. de Rooster

A 7-month-old male castrated European shorthair cat was presented because of a recurrent cleft of the soft palate. Surgical correction had already been performed twice by a local veterinary practitioner. For the third correction, a pharyngeal overlapping flap was used but again, dehiscence occurred. Finally, the angularis oris axial pattern buccal flap technique, as described in dogs, was applied. The flap covered the defect without any tension, and good vascularization was appreciated during the whole procedure. Because of severe swelling of the intraoral tissues at the end of the procedure, dexamethasone was administered intravenously. Almost instantly after the injection, the cat went into cardiorespiratory arrest, and died shortly after. 

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pp 350-355
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