82 (6) pp 345-349

Perforating dermatitis in a cat
N. Jongmans, S. Vandenabeele, J. Declercq

An 8.5-month-old neutered male cat was presented with an itching linear lesion on the right hindlimb that extended from the caudomedial tarsus to the ventral part of the tail base. The lesion consisted of multiple, thick, cone-shaped, yellow-brown crusts and alopecia. Cytological examination of impression smears revealed numerous eosinophils and some mast cells. Histopathological examination of skin biopsies confirmed the diagnosis of perforating dermatitis with typically vertically orientated bundles of collagen and an eosinophilic dermatitis. Treatment with dexamethasone gave slight improvement. When dexamethasone was combined with topical mometasone therapy, the lesions disappeared completely. 

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pp 345-349
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