82 (6) pp 327-336

Toepassingen van mesenchymale stamcellen bij het paard: huidige stand van zaken
C. De Schauwer, E. Meyer, G. Van de Walle, A. Van Soom

Mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) are adult stem cells, which are capable of self-renewal and restricted differentiation into multiple organ-specific cell types. The significant therapeutic potential of MSC arises from their ability to promote tissue regeneration, prevent pathological scar formation, modulate immune responses and regulate inflammation. At present, MSC are mainly used in veterinary medicine to treat musculoskeletal injuries. Nevertheless, they may as well play a role in the treatment of several non-orthopedic diseases, such as immune-mediated, ischemic, inflammatory and neurological diseases. The treatment efficiency of MSC therapy can be influenced by the number of MSC which is used to treat the horse, the way the MSC are administered and the timing of the treatment. Moreover, there are advantages as well as disadvantages correlated to the use of autologous versus allogeneic MSC. The use of MSC in the treatment of equine injury has exciting potential. However, more fundamental research and well-designed clinical trials remain mandatory in order to safeguard the optimal routine clinical use of these valuable equine MSC at the patients’ benefit.

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pp 327-336