79 (1) 48-53

Histopathology and treatment of nine cats with multiple epulides

In this article 9 cases of Multiple Feline Epulides (MFE) are discussed. All cats presented with multiplegingival masses covering most of the teeth. Eight cases were diagnosed as reactive hyperplasia and one wasa as peripheral ossifying fibroma. Eight were Domestic Shorthair cats and one a Domestic Longhair. No sexpredilection was found. All cats were young at first presentation. In 8 of the cases, cure was achieved bygingivoplasty and extraction of all premolars and molars and sometimes the incisors. In the 1 case that wastreated more conservatively, without extractions, multiple recurrences were seen.The results of the present study are compared to findings in previously published reports on multiple epulidesin cats.

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