75 (5) 377-379

Emphysematous cystitis without glucosuria in a calf

A two-month-old male non-diabetic Holstein Friesian calf with numerous decubital ulcers due to arthrogryposis and a history of inability to stand since birth was diagnosed with emphysematous cystitis. The diagnosis was based on the necropsy and the histopathological findings. No glucosuria was detected and Escherichia coli was isolated from the urine and blood. The contamination of the skin ulcers with E. coli and septicemia was probably the main underlying mechanism involved in the pathogenesis. The urinary bladder mucosa was affected with blebs of emphysema and petechiaes. Histopathologically, hemorrhage, emphysema and a few neutrophil leukocyte infiltrations were observed in the mucosa of the urinary bladder. Although emphysematous cystitis is commonly associated with glucosuria, especially in dogs, this report indicates that it can equally occur as a complication of septicemia in calves.

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