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Incarceratie van dunne darm doorheen het foramen omentale (epliploïcum): een retrospectieve studie bij 100 paarden (Dutch)

A retrospective study was performed on 100 horses with incarceration of the small intestine through the omental (epiploic) foramen at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Ghent University in Belgium during the period 1994-2001. Preoperative euthanasia was done in 10 horses for different reasons and an explorative laparotomy was performed in 90. Of these ninety horses, 1 died spontaneously during surgical intervention, 10 underwent euthanasia because of the extent of the lesions or a fatal hemorrhage, and surgery was completed on the other 79. A second intervention was necessary in 11 of these 79 horses Simple reduction and reposition of the small intestine was possible in 35 of them, and a resection followed by an intestinal anastomosis was required in the other 44. Forty-four (49%) of the original 90 horses in which surgery was accomplished were discharged from the clinic. Six of these 44 were re-operated. The survival rate in the group of horses that underwent simple reduction was 60% and in the group that underwent resection and anastomosis it was 52%. After discharge from the clinic, 9 of the original 44 horses were lost for follow-up, and the remaining 35 survived for at least 9 months. During the follow-up period (1 to 7 years), 16 horses had one or more bouts of colic, for which reason 5 of them (14%) underwent euthanasia. In this study the mean age of the horses with incarceration of the small intestine through the omental foramen was 9.46 years. Geldings, males and riding horses were clearly more represented. During surgical intervention a medio-lateral incarceration was observed in 98% of the horses. A negative correlation was observed between the survival rate and the length of the incarcerated intestinal segment, on the one hand, and between the survival rate and the distance to the clinic (duration after onset of symptoms) on the other.

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