70 (4) 298-303

The evaluation of risk factors for postoperative ileus in horses
K. Boel, P. Deprez, J. Dewulf, L. Vlaminck, M. Steenhaut

The parameters of the records of 273 horses surgically treated for colic between January 1998 and January 2000 were analysed to identify risk factors for the development of postoperative ileus. The horses that were euthanatized during surgery were not included in the study. Horses showing persistent gastric reflux, persistent signs of colic and distended loops of small intestine palpable during rectal examination were considered to be having postoperative ileus. The other horses comprised the reference population. Of the 273 horses in this study, 49 (18%) developed postoperative ileus. Univariate analysis of the parameters from the medical records of the horses indicated that several factors were associated with the development op postoperative ileus. The result of multiple logistic regression identified the presence of pre-operative reflux as the most significant risk factor (P=0.00013) for postoperative ileus. The death rate caused by ileus was 41%.

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pp 298-303
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