2014 (2) 53-59

Diagnosis and ultrasound-guided retrieval of a vaginal foreign body in a dog and a cat
L. Gatel, G. Gory, B. De Pauw, D.N. Rault

In this case report, the diagnosis and ultrasound-guided retrieval of an intravaginal grassawn in a dog and a cat are described. The dog was presented with chronic vaginal discharge forover two years. The cat was presented for acute lethargy and bloody vaginal discharge and atwo-week history of a perivulvar leakage. Ultrasonographic diagnosis included the visualizationof a linear, hyperechoic and spindle-shaped structure and mild thickness of the vagina. The grassawns were successfully retrieved non-invasively, under general anesthesia using ultrasoundguidedHartmann forceps inserted into the vagina. Ultrasound-guided grass awn retrieval fromthe vagina appears to be a safe and inexpensive procedure.

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pp 53-59
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