2014 (1) 36-41

Localized steatitis as a complication after dystocia in a mare
E. Claes, C. De Schauwer, M. Hoogewijs, D. De Clercq, V. Saey, J. Govaere

In this article, a case of localized steatitis is reported at the level of the perivaginal adipose tissueafter dystocia in a mare. Although the mare initially recovered well postpartum, she died a few dayslater. At the second consultation, a knobby bump was present at both sides of the vaginal wall on vaginalexamination. The intravaginal opening of these bumps was associated with the outflow of pus containingyellow-brown pieces of necrotic adipose tissue. Later on, steatitis at the level of the ligamentaevesicae and a bladder rupture were also observed at necropsy. These disorders probably accelerated theclinical symptoms resulting in shock.Generally, two types of steatitis are differentiated: localized and generalized steatitis. While only onefat depot is affected in the localized form, the disease involves several fat depots in the generalized form.Localized steatitis at the level of the perivaginal adipose tissue has not yet been described in the horse.

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