2014 (1) 21-27

Incomplete ossification of the humeral condyle in a young Dogue de Bordeaux
S. Favril, D. Van Vynckt, I. Gielen, A. Van Caelenberg, K. Vanderperren,B. Van Ryssen

 In this case report, an incomplete ossification of the humeral condyle in a Dogue de Bordeaux ofeight months old is described. As a puppy, the dog had already been intermittently lame on the rightfront leg. Because of the breed and the clinical and radiographic findings, elbow dysplasia was primarilydiagnosed. However, after computer tomographic examination, an incomplete ossification of thehumeral condyle was found. This condition is less common than elbow dysplasia, and does not alwayscause limping. The dog was treated conservatively because of the mild clinical symptoms, and recoveredspontaneously.The special features of this case include primarily the breed of the dog and his history. Incompleteossification occurs mainly in Spaniels, and lameness is usually not observed in puppies. The evolutionof the disease in this dog is atypical. This dog recovered spontaneously. This condition often causespersistent lameness. In some cases, an incomplete ossification leads to an atraumatic humeral condylefracture.

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pp 21-27
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