2014 - 83 (3)

Case report(s)

  • G. Gory, J. Couturier, E. Cauvin, C. Fournel – Fleury, L. Couturier, D.N. Rault
    Nervous system lymphoma with sciatic nerve involvement in two cats diagnosed using computed tomography and ultrasound guided fine needle aspiration
    pp 107-112 - abstract - PDF icon artikel01.pdf

Original article(s)

  • J. Van den hof, J. Beek, K. Chiers, D. Maes
    Risk factors for auricular hematomas in piglets
    pp 113-118 - abstract - PDF icon artikel02.pdf
  • K. De Keyser, S. Janssens, L.M. Peeters, F. Gasthuys, M. Oosterlinck, N. Buys
    Chronic progressive lymphedema in the Belgian draft horse in Belgium: clinical phenotyping, prevalence and risk factor analysis
    pp 119-124 - abstract - PDF icon artikel03.pdf
  • V.J.F. Van Loon, T.J. van den Brink, J.P.A.M. Van Loon, C.J.W. Scheffer, H.J. Bergman
    Influence of romifidine and detomidine on the induction of anaesthesia and recovery from total intravenous anesthesia in horses
    pp 125-132 - abstract - PDF icon artikel04.pdf

Continuing professional development

  • L. Vlerick, V. Bavegems, M. De Ridder, P. Smets, H. de Rooster
    Pericardiale effusie bij de hond
    pp 133-142 - abstract - PDF icon artikel05.pdf

Veterinary past

  • J. Bouckaert
    Volksdiergeneeskunde samengebracht en verklaard door dierenarts Jaak Wouters (1966)
    pp 143-146 - abstract - PDF icon artikel06.pdf