2014 - 83 (1)

Original article(s)

  • E. Depreester, M. M. Kamal, M. Van Eetvelde, M. Hostens, G. Opsomer
    Maternal and environmental factors associated with the birth weight of Holstein calves
    pp 03-13 - abstract - PDF icon artikel01.pdf

Case report(s)

  • T. Bosmans, S. Melis, H. de Rooster, B. Van Goethem, P. Defauw, I. Van Soens, I. Polis
    Anaphylaxis after intravenous administration of amoxicillin/clavulanic acid in two dogs under general anesthesia
    pp 14-19 - abstract - PDF icon artikel02.pdf
  • S. Favril, D. Van Vynckt, I. Gielen, A. Van Caelenberg, K. Vanderperren,B. Van Ryssen
    Incomplete ossification of the humeral condyle in a young Dogue de Bordeaux
    pp 21-27 - abstract - PDF icon artikel03.pdf
  • S. Debevere, L. Vlerick, V. Bavegems, D. Binst, P. Cornillie, I. Polis, H. de Rooster
    Two cases of patent ductus arteriosus in the dog
    pp 28-35 - abstract - PDF icon artikel04.pdf
  • E. Claes, C. De Schauwer, M. Hoogewijs, D. De Clercq, V. Saey, J. Govaere
    Localized steatitis as a complication after dystocia in a mare
    pp 36-41 - abstract - PDF icon artikel05.pdf

Veterinary past

  • P.E.J. Bols, H.F.M. De porte
    The library of the first veterinary students (France, 18th century) Part I: from Vegetius to de Garsault
    pp 42-48 - abstract - PDF icon artikel06.pdf